In My early 20’s I was fortunate enough to be given a chance as a production assistant for a well known commercial production company in NY.  On a PSA for diabetes with Mary Tyler Moore, I was asked to boom. Having been fascinated with music recording , it seemed like a natural choice for me to move into the sound department. I soon Began Booming and then mixing  films and commercials in NY, and was soon approached to join local 52 in NY.

There have been lots of changes in how we record today. I started at a time when stereo recording on set was  relatively new , and wireless microphones were used sparingly. Since we did not have ISO channels ,there was much more pressure on a mixer to get the mix right on set. Today wireless Microphones are used for nearly all productions . The range that can be achieved would have been unimaginable back then and the quality of the lavaliers themselves have made wireless audio an integral part of production sound.

But with All of these advances in wireless the most powerful tool we have is a boom microphone in the hands of a competent boom Operator. The boom gives the ambiance and perspective of the scene, and sounds much more natural. Sennheiser, Schoeps and Sanken all have made major advances over the years and nothing sounds better than a scene recorded with a good quality mic on a boom.

I have over 40 feature film credits, numerous television projects and over 500 commercial productions as sound mixer. In addition I have been a boom operator for multiple academy and emmy award winning sound mixers.

I carry all of the latest industry standard recording equiptment from Sound Devices, Sennheiser, Schoeps, Lectrosonics, Denecke, Sanken and Comtek for any project big or small, and  have a great group of professional Boom Operators and Utilities. Call or message me anytime and I will be happy to hear about your current or future projects, and hopefully provide you with quality audio.